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Kim and Jen Land!
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We are Jen and Kim. This is mainly a community where we can post a load of nonsense, but feel free to join if you want to.

Up and coming projects:

Mini naruto cosplay.
Amazing artwork.
Odes to cheese.
Incoherent rambling.
Book o' monsters.
Book o' good things.
Stupendous songs.
Jen's recipe corner.
Kim's sewing circle.
Reccommended songs.
Photo of the day (or possibly week or month, depending on what we can be bothered doing... Let's just call it 'photo of the moment')
The exciting adventures of Adam's eating habits.


1. Be polite!
2. Try to contribute something to the community, don't just lurk, we won't laugh at you!
3. You must like Kim and/or Jen, otherwise what is the point in joining?
4. Feel free to make introductory posts, or start up a project yourself, we will add it to the list! If in doubt, comment on one of Jen or Kim's posts and we will advise you.
5. Introduction posts are quite welcome.
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